Been born to Trieste the 15 July 1946, begins to explore the world of the unskilled labors hardly married in 1970. 

She are fascinated from allthe manual techniques, that it faces with extreme facility, and that experiments is with the banns in commerce, is with estro personal.

The first " discoveries " are with the salato bread paste, thansfociano then in the manipulation of the synthetic resins " Fimo " and" Cernit ", and with these it realizes its first personal extension in 1980. In the following years, one attempts in varied  technicalhobbystiche which: 

Point cross and means point - They chat - Handangher - Uncinetto - Flowers with the stockings of Naylon - Flowers buckets - Flowers with acrylic resins - pearl Flowers - Polistirolo - Eggs decorated with Wax - Coverings in wax wires - Bomboniere - Statuine of chalk - Painting - Cut and sewing 

MeshIt lives to Trieste, (married, has a son) where with a group of friends, with other complementary hobbystic  interests, the forms a group of instruction for the free time near the club in the town of Trieste. 

It makes part of the staff of the company "Brivido " for the realization of the wagons of carnival to Muggia(Trieste - Italy), curing is the dress, and the construction of the figures of the wagons. It participates to several manifestations, between which, in April 2000, to " the old Small farm " to RAI1. It publishe sits you work on situated WEB http://members.xoom.it/favretto or http://favretto.supereva.it/  (email:  elena@favretto.net ). The situatedone cured from the husband Mario.She is to disposition - through email(  elena@favretto.net ) for giving to free councils to all the friends who nehad need.